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Acroarte: Sovereign is not going this year

Discrepancies between the directive of the Association of Art Chroniclers (acroarte) and the executives of the Dominican National Brewery (CND) have ruined the organization this year of the sovereign awards.

For months they have been in talks to determine the future of the sovereign awards.

While Cervecería assured Diario Libre that they arrived safely, acroarte He pointed out that there are still points that need to be discussed, but that they have advanced a lot. What both parties agree on is that this year the gala for the sovereign awards.

the president of acroarteEmelyn Baldera and the communications manager of the CND, Bethania Ortega, spoke of the reasons that led to the highest awards given to recognize art, culture, music and cinema in the Dominican Republic, have been postponed for next year.

Baldera assured that next year 2023 the deliveries corresponding to the years 2021 and 2022 will be unified in a gala.

“Finally, we reached an agreement with acroartewe are very happy with that, because, in the end, we have a common goal, which is to be able to materialize the award”, assured Ortega, as a spokesperson for Cervecería.

He continued: “We do not have the date because we have not fully defined that part, but definitely this year it would not be possible.”

What he did make clear is that this negotiation process has brought about changes that will ultimately benefit both the organizers of the award and the public that enjoys them every year.

“In the end, the public will be able to have a higher level of participation, we will have a greater diversity of artists, and the selection process of both nominees and winners will be known with greater transparency,” he estimated.

acroarte It will always be the one who decides both the nominees and the winners, but the spectrum will be opened so that the public also has power in the process”, he reiterated about the award that has been given since 1985.

Position of acroarte

In the opinion of its president, acroarte it would never negotiate its essence and this was one of the most discussed details during the negotiation with its main sponsor.

“When you have a product or a project you pass balance and you want to improve, the project cannot remain stagnant”, estimated Baldera.

“Cervecería has undergone many changes and that is why the conversation has perhaps spread, with the idea that we can have an award as the people deserve, and above all the artists, because it is for them that we work,” said Baldera.

“There was talk of a change of date (of the gala) at the beginning, with the intention of producing these changes, however, it was shown that these changes were not feasible,” he estimated.

“We have established criteria and statutes and choosing nominees and winners in a delimiting period was not appropriate,” he reviewed.

“We ask the people and especially the artists not to get impatient, that the prize is big and the improvements we are working on are going to be important, without leaving the essence, because this should never be lost. It was created to extol Dominican art and its protagonists,” said Baldera. He continued: “We will award both years and so it is settled that both 2021 and 2022 were awarded.” There is no date yet.

Origin of the conflict

According to Acroarte, making changes to the award was the main obstacle between the organizations. “It has never been an economic issue,” agreed both parties to the negotiation. Nor do they have different lines of work. “It has been a factor in improving the award,” they agreed. “The bet is to bet on evolution, people want something else, we are experiencing other things…, and turning an award that is almost 40 years old is not an easy thing,” said the spokeswoman, in turn. of CND, who announced that they will soon give details of the agreement.

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