This Wednesday afternoon Margot Robbie was seen leaving Cara Delevingne's house quite worried, 

some media say that she was even crying after visiting her close friend.

 Delevingne has been seen in recent weeks in worrying condition, disheveled and nervous. 

 Her last appearance took place at the Los Angeles airport, where she was recorded and photographed displaying erratic behavior.

According to the Daily Mail, which published the images of Robbie, 

the actress "seemed to struggle to regain her composure when she left the house", and so it is seen in the photos of her.

 The local press speculates that the young model is going through a difficult state of health, for reasons that have not been confirmed.

 In fact, she has also been absent from some events that she should have been a part of,

 like the launch of her own Cara Loves Karl clothing collection a few days ago.

In addition, she also did not attend the Emmy Awards, which took place last Monday, 

where she was expected to accompany her castmates from the Only Murders in the Building series.